Concept Drawings & Sketches

Communicate Design Principles & Aesthetics

We here at Thinkup believe drawings and sketches are the essence of the secret sauce that develops a great product. It can begin on a napkin or a scrap piece of paper, often freehand that can be used as a foundation by product developers and engineers as a way of exploring ideas and their final design.

We would love to look at your doodles and come up with ideas to uncover the magic that can get your product through the approval processes and supply chain.

Need To Know
  • Applying for patents
  • Brands
  • Cartoons
  • Displays
  • Films
  • Point of Purchase
  • Presentations Proof of concept for a
  • licensee and/or licensor
  • Sizzles
  • Trade Shows
  • Webisodes
Previous Work