Croquis Drawing/Speed Sketching

The Designer’s
Napkin Sketch

Used by designers such as product designer, engineers and interior designers and a simple way of exploring initial ideas for designs.Much is made from the designer’s “napkin sketch” that then becomes the basis for a product design.

Croquis drawing is a quick and sketchy drawing of a live model, usually made in a few minutes. We here at Thinkup have adopted croquis drawing for consumer-packaged goods as it can be the foundation and give vision.

Need To Know
  • Applying for patents
  • Brands
  • Cartoons
  • Displays
  • Films
  • Point of Purchase
  • Presentations Proof of concept for a
  • licensee and/or licensor
  • Sizzles
  • Trade Shows
  • Webisodes
Previous Work