The Studio

The Studio

Some people say that product designs and animations are no laughing
matter. They think CGI Renderings are only meant to sell product and not
to make you happy.

Well, they can keep on sashaying down Serious
Street because we believe they are the secret ingredients, to the special
sauce, that delivers the essence of a brand concept, resulting in making
people cheerful, delighted and maybe even ecstatic.

Same old, same old has never been our style. We are the leader in aiding
entertainment product companies design and visualize new products or
reorganizing old ones. Our services kick the fake ones to the curb by going
all-out using the most experienced artists and designers, with attitudes,
performing on stage with 3D Studio Max, Cintiq’s, Illustrator and
Photoshop. Come check us out, you will not be disappointed.

Thinkup Mission Statement

Thinkup’s objective is to combine art and technology,
using our world-class creative talent, to design and
develop computer generated product concepts for our
clients, that leads to consumer-packaged goods that
entertain and deliver joy around the world.


Jerry Cummings

President and Chief Creative Officer
Jerry hears people call him an idea guy, but he is also an artist and product designer. He uses his creative genius and award-winning team to produce the vision for consumer products. He usually finds himself traveling on business to Asia and other parts of the world in coach seating, missing his wife Patti, family and friends. He loves corvettes and motorcycles and hopes to have both one day. He believes beauty and inspiration comes from looking up and not staring at some damn machine…ask him about the art on top of the buildings in Hong Kong and New York. Jerry has spent the last 40 years designing and directing work for some of the world’s most exciting and forward-thinking brands.


Chief Artistic/Enrichment/Humane/Nurturing Officer and Managing Partner
Patti maintains great balance between friendly and formal. She is so comfortable in her own skin by taking care of the aspects for her family and business to include keeping up with corporate chaos and homemade cookies in the office kitchen. She is a solid force in organizing this organization and pays attention to everything. She loves the gym and the entertainment products industry. Patti sees to it that this band of artists has an inspiring and ridiculously comfy office.


CGI Artist & Jedi
Kyle is the biggest and youngest man in the office and is a great looking gentle chap. He has one of those photographic memories and is hard to challenge when it comes to remembering what the Spiderman toy section looked like in-stores from years ago. He is Patti and Jerry’s son and treats the talent in this office as if they were his siblings. He is great with making 2D and 3D stuff on his computer, creating photo realistic objects and materials. The office never has to worry about moving heavy things with having this guy around.


Director of First Impressions & Demi-God
Michael finds himself having to split out his time between family, trade presentations, Asia and creating artwork. He uses Photoshop like Eddie Van Halen plays the Fender Stratocaster. He is accused of being a master manipulator as he can bring any napkin drawing to life. Be careful what you view from him as you most likely will be amazed. If you run into Michael, then be ready to be illustrated.


Animation Overlord
Phil gets to the office ridiculously early. It is said that he enjoys the work silence as it allows for him to decompress from watching all the Philadelphia sport teams. While he is not being led around by the two most important women in his life, including his 2-year-old daughter, he straps into his pneumatic device and creates animations that you have to let cool before touching.


Grand Master Animator
Jeff has a waist length “James Dean vintage Wilson leather jacket” with white stripes running down the sleeves. He typically wears it when crafting a big animation’s, in order to avoid computer road rash. As long as you have taken your “one a day” then what you see from him is way more than what you expect. He can bring to life almost anything for your professional amusement, as long as you put it back into its cage at night.


CGI Bender & Digital Dynamo
Tim is the newest father in the team. Now realizes how something that weighs less than 10 pounds can change your life. He dines on computer graphics and creates art imagery that is typically found in popular video games and on packaging at your local retail store. When the smoke clears, you will think it is just another photo, versus an image created by Tim’s artificial intelligence.

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